Monday, May 27, 2013

The Fruit of Life (Avocado Cafe)

This Memorial Day my family and I decided to forego the BBQ (yeah, I know. How dare we). Instead, we tried a fairly new place in Huntington Beach called the Avocado Cafe.
Mmm love me some avocados. Naturally, I was pretty excited to try this place. The HB location has only been open for 4 months, but there is also two others in Irvine and Newport.

Meet the fellow guinea pigs (welps): my dad, stepmom, aunt and cousin.
Pleased to meet you.

First of all, this place has a good vibe. We walked in to the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd and pictures of killer waves, that's what I call a good vibe.
We sat outside in the breezy 72 degree weather, which added to the good atmosphere. So far so good.
Now, for the real test: the food. So keep in mind that my family is a complicated bunch. My dad and stepmom are mostly vegetarian, and my cousin is on the Paleo diet, which is pretty restrictive. So accommodating all of us isn't always easy, but this was no problem here.
 One word: delicious! Oh, and one more: healthy. To be honest, healthy isn't always one of my necessary requirements, but delicious definitely always is. Healthy is more of a side bonus. I ordered The Chuy sandwich, which was completely fantastic.

I got one more word for you: bacon.
Anything with bacon on it makes me happy. Yeah, I'm a carnivore, what of it? It also tasted a little better because it was on my dad's money (daddy's girl: party of 1).

The cafe is family run, and you can definitely tell by the service. Everyone was extremely nice and conversational.

It was so good,  my cousin went right back inside and ordered round two. So the overall consensus was that the Avocado Cafe was a success. The only complaint was that our table was a little wobbly, but we'll accept that.

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