Friday, July 12, 2013

On the Corner of Awesome and Delicious (The Corner)

I know it's been a couple of weeks and after the disappointment of our last adventure, I'm sorry for leaving everyone hanging for so long. I'm really excited about today's adventure because as I'm writing this my insides are still smiling and my taste buds are still recovering from being blown away.

I was able to cross another restaurant off of my suggested list,  and I don't think I could have had a better success. Today we tried a place creatively named "The Corner," as it was located on the corner of a shopping center. Who would've thought my taste buds could be completely obliterated next to a RadioShack and a PetCo.

Well obliterated they were. We got there shortly after they opened and so being the only customers we received their full attention. Their service was awesome and fairly quick.

The inside had a classy, yet rustic feel that somehow meshed perfectly with the classic rock that was softly playing overhead.

 It was a bit early for alcohol, but they have a well set up bar and are rumored to have some pretty good cocktails.

So on to the important stuff: food. To start off we ordered stuffed jalapeƱos that set the pace for a fantastic eating venture. Cheddar and bacon stuffed into a halved jalapeƱo and topped with bread crumbs and served in a baby cast iron skillet.

Delicious. Without wasting time we got to the main course. Crispy short rib tacos,  bok choy and mushroom salad, and the Big Corner burger. Mmm somebody take me back for seconds right now!

I'll start with the short rib tacos since this was my meal. Ok first of all, I grew up in a border city in Texas. If there's anything I know, it's tacos. I've had some damn good tacos throughout my life, mostly courtesy of my mom, but let me tell you, these tacos were next level. They were not stingy with the meat, for one, and the aged cheddar and banana peppers on top just pushed it over the top. Definitely goes on the list of top tacos of my life.
Next, we have the Big Corner burger which lived up to its big title. It was hard to get your mouth around, but once you did it was well worth it (insert "That's what she said." Come on, grow up.) Strangely enough it tasted like a Big Mac, but gourmet style. It was interestingly delicious.

Then there's the salad, I can't say too much on it since I was so consumed with my tacos that I barely registered what it tasted like but both of my fellow whelps raved about it. What was interesting about it was that the base was not lettuce or spinach it was marinated bok choy, which is very unique. 

So after all this you would think that we were stuffed beyond belief, but we have been blessed with bottomless stomachs and for the sake of the Yelpless adventure we had to try dessert (that's a good excuse right?) Well with our consciences soothed we ordered a couple of desserts that rocked my sweet lil world. 

Does this picture say it all? If it doesn't then let me tell you what it is. The one in the baby cast iron skillet (I don't think that's the technical term but i like it) is a crisp baked over strawberries and raspberries and topped with vanilla ice cream. Simple enough right? No! Brain matter all over the walls! (Mind explosion) But then there's the life changer... Peanut Butter and Jelly Sundae. I don't think I should tell you more because you might start eating your screen and I just don't want that to be my fault.....

Ok fine I'll tell you! So they make their own peanut butter ice cream (which if shaped into a man I would marry it) and then it's paired with vanilla ice cream and topped with raspberry jelly and chocolate. It was literally like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that had the secret to immortality inside of it (too far? I think not). 

To wrap it up, the food, the service, the price-- phenomenal. Check the Yelp review

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